The Healing Benefits of Zero Gravity

Our spines are being compressed by gravity all day long and this can really take a toll on our bodies, causing serious muscular and joint pain. The pressure of gravity on our spines and joints can cause a multitude of health conditions and become debilitating for some. Allowing your body to experience the relief of Zero Gravity can make a big difference in your daily life if you suffer from joint pain and spinal discomfort. But, the benefits of Zero Gravity go beyond healthy joints, bones, and muscles by helping improve digestion and breathing as well as reduce snoring by opening airways and nasal passages. Sitting in the Zero Gravity positon will evenly distribute body weight, providing optimal blood flow and reducing pressure on joints and organs. You'll experience a floating sensation and a feeling of weightlessness that over time can reduce chronic pain. Elevating the legs above the position of the heart can take your relaxation to the next level with complete spinal decompression. The 120° angle bend at the hips puts your body in the “zero stress zone” and elevating the legs reduces stress on the heart. Swollen legs and feet will be a thing of the past with a healthy lymphatic system and improved circulation. Enjoy a better quality of life and feel your best with the Zero Gravity experience..