Why Consider An Adjustable Bed?


You will never regret ditching your stationary bed for an adjustable bed. Elevate your lifestyle and take your bedroom to another level. Enjoy better sleep and improved quality of life overall. Adjustable bed bases offer a variety of features including: Zero Gravity, Massage, Lighting, Anti-Snore Sensors, and so much more. The best part about it is most adjustable bases work well with your old mattress. You can instantly transform your bed into a multipurpose place of rest with numerous health benefits. Enjoy spinal decompression in zero gravity, improved circulation with vibration massage, and many other features plus a more comfortable place to unwind and destress.

If you’re sleeping partner is sawing up logs while you’re trying to catch some Z’s, consider a split king base and both of you will get relief with 2 individual zones. The Anti-Snore feature found on most bases will elevate the upper body slightly for the one snoring to help open the airways and encourage better breathing providing a quiet peaceful sleep for everyone. Another feature that can be a game changer with your morning routine is the Bed Alarm. Some beds can be programmed to either provide gentle vibration to gradually awaken you or to move into an elevated position to help you start your day. There are so many wonderful reasons to switch to an Adjustable Bed and start sleeping better today.